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Lloji: Tregim
Tema: Tregim anglisht
Autori: Kevin Çika
Shkolla: UPT
Klasa: Inxhinineri Elektronike
Qyteti: Kukës

It was 6pm. The sun was setting out and it was hiding between mountains. Kejvin was in his room,while he was studying. Calm and focused,as always, doing his math tasks. This strong connection of him with studying interrupted, because his mom knocks on door and enters his room. And in a rush which she didn’t let her to spell words well,she said to him : Kejvin, i’m going out bcs i’m invited for a wedding.
-Who invited you ,- Kejvin said.
Well, i don’t think you can know them. So,it doesn’t matter , - his mom said
Kejvin said : Ok,have fun .

An extraordinary fear could be seen in his voice and face. For some reason, he was afraid to be alone. Because according to him, strange things and bad people would invade the house, whenever she was without her parents. And second one , he was afraid to explain this to his parents. Because he felt that they could say: You grew up now, it's a shame to hear that. He hated the fact that Kevin would look stranger on his family.
But anyway, he made a compromise with himself to stay.

When Kevin's mom left the house and closed the door, it seemed like a challenge had begun. With whom ? This was more problematic. He didn't know
that. His enemy hasn’t a shape, he could be anywhere to generate a large amount of fear in Kejvin.
I will continue to do my homework,-he said.
I have a lot of work to do. I won't let fears to stop me, he said. Deep down, he knew he was lying to himself, but he didn't want to get himself out of it. He was really scared.

While he was doing his homework, something happened that shouldn't have happened to him. The power went off. The silence was at its peak. It could eat you alive, like a monster. Every sound or squeak, even on the edge of non-existence, caused terror and nervousness. Kejvin felt he was not alone, but like someone was clinging to his shoulders. He began to pronounce to himself: Amij n feru (Am I in hell) Kuuuuhk tothem? (Where i am ?)
Or am I in the abandoned house I was 247 days ago.

He didn't feel certain where he was. And in order to know for sure where he was, he checked around the place to find any light, or at least, even a candle. Looking for it with trembling and tense hands, in the middle of endless darkness, just like the universe, he manages to find it. For Kenvin, this candle was like an anchor of salvation, for any enemy who would seek to attack him in war. He jumped up and went crazy with joy.
Everything is over now,-he said.

15 minutes after lighting the candle, everything seemed fine. But when Kevin heard a man dying in the bathroom, he was stunned. He didn't know what to do. His heart was beating fast.He felt like he was in a grave,but alive. Kevin's conscience, confused with fear and paranoia, would not let this person die. I must save him, regardless of everything, - Kejvin screamed out loud.

And with a courage like that of Don Quixote, he went straight to the room where this noise was coming from, which was the bathroom, and was stunned by the fact that there was nothing. No person dying. Just the water tap that was making noise, as a result of a small problem. At least there was no one there, - says Kejvin. And he leaves the bathroom faster than he comes. He continues to do his homework, which only God knows how many times he has interrupted it,from all of these moments of fear.

Meanwhile, a crazy wind was blowing outside. It was not ashamed to grab whatever could find, leaves, some dry sticks, any plastic bag that a careless person left on the street. The wind howled strongly, and with a shuddering sound, which added to her sense of insecurity. Kevin. When he heard it, he said: Nuuuuh guej te noni (It shouldn't have happened). It seemed that he had lost control. He couldn't bear the fact of being alone in the dark. He started whispering to himself so that he wouldn't feel alone. in the dark. Sometimes he closed his ears as a hysterical, so he couldn’t hear anything around him.

To make things worse, a piercing noise could be heard in Kevin's study desk. It sounded like a monster swallowing people alive. He became very nervous, because the monster was already close to him. He listened the monster saying : Mfff,it’s time.You should be ready for everything.
And Kejvin rushes up from his chair, grabs a vase, and slams it (blinded by fear) towards his study table. Astu djuvajn (Shut the fuck up,monster) But instead of the monster being silent, something else happened. From hitting the ceramic vase, the candle on the table fell off and its flame involving every piece of furniture. First the table, then the carpet, and it didn't know how to stop. . The fire in the house looked like a fire in hell, burning mercilessly every soul that was there.

He, tensed, runs to the bathroom to get some water. But it was useless. He could not go any further, because the flames had progressed. Kevin could just sit and isolate himself in the bathroom, waiting for a fire extinguisher. He was in agony, shame, crying and couldn't stop, until at one point he fell into a deep sleep. Or we can say, the smoke of the fire also describes the bathroom, until Kevin seemed asphyxiated. After 5 minutes, the lights come on, and so does the fire extinguisher. Everything at that moment seemed to be over, but for Kevin, it had just started.

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