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Mount. Everest
Lloji: Tregim
Tema: Fantastik (dicka ndrysh (anglisht nga une))
Autori: Elda J. Pere
Shkolla: Rilindja
Klasa: 8
Qyteti: Pogradec

O nce upon a time, there was a little boy from Oakland, California. His name was Taylor and he was 7 years old. Taylor always wanted to become a mountain climber. He thought that it was a very, very interesting profession because of the snow that is on top of most mountains. In winter, when it would be snowing, he would imagine that he was climbing Mount Everest. That was his dream.
Taylor's parents were both teachers and tried to convince Taylor to forget his dream and to learn more often, but no one could make Taylor do that.
One day, while he was playing in the front yard, he saw funny dressed people walking on the sidewalk. Everyone was wearing mountain-climbing clothes, except for an old man at the end of the line that was wearing very strange clothes: a tipped old hat, a long robe with star-shaped figures and an old-style, flat pair of shoes. He looked ridicules. The old man was reading a small piece of ripped paper and he was talking to himself.
Taylor could not hear what the man was saying, so he went closer. He heard the old man say these words:

"All who wish to fulfill their dreams,
To mountain climb or dive into seas,
They should come with me
To a place where all dreams become reality.

Then they go back home, safe and sound,
Remembering the memory they just have found,
But not to speak of it to people that are around,
Because their mind would go round and round!"

Taylor was confused. He asked the old man:
“Excuse me, but what do you mean with that funny poem?”
“I mean, whoever would like to do something that they have yearned for could do it if they come with me. I can take people to places that only exist in their fantasies. Do you see all those people there?”-he said pointing to the funny dressed people. – “They're all going mountain-climbing. What is your dream?”
“Well, my biggest dream is to climb Mount Everest.”
“Perfect! That is where we are going! Come with us!”
“No, thank you, I am not supposed to go with strangers. Plus my mom will get very worried.”
“Oh, I am not a stranger. In fact, you know me very well. I am the man in all your thoughts. The one that helps you to decide each decision. I know all about your dreams, thoughts, desires, dislikes, etc. So are you sure you do not want to come?”-said the man.
Taylor struggled to think quickly. The man's words had convinced him, but what would his mother say? He was scared his mom would think he was lost or kidnapped, or even think he ran away! To prevent all of those, he wrote a note saying he will visit his aunt Wendy for an unknown time. Then he followed the old man, two minded.

* * *

Meanwhile, Taylor’s mother got out of the living room, which she was cleaning because her friend Lisa’s son vomited on the rug last night. She called Taylor, thinking he was in the front yard playing, but she got no answer. Taylor’s mother looked out the window to see why Taylor wasn’t answering her. For her surprise, all she saw was a soccer ball in the corner of the driveway. She looked around the house, but there was no sign of Taylor anywhere. She asked the neighbors if they had seen him, but they had all been watching a TV-show called “You snooze, you lose!”
She started panicking. Where would Taylor have gone? Then, she sat on the note Taylor had written. Oh, no! Now, how would Taylor’s mother know where he had gone?

* * *

The bunch of people, including Taylor, passed the corner of the sidewalk, but, instead of his friend Austin's house that he thought he would see Taylor saw a very large flat ground with flowers and few trees. At a huge distance he saw a mountain that even passed the clouds! It was the largest mountain Taylor ever had seen. He was very excited. It seemed that the other people had the same expression because their mouths were wide open.
Taylor wondered how they got there. Then, he noticed he was wearing the same kind of clothing as the other people! He wanted to ask the old man about all of those strange things. Taylor was about to ask him when a man in the row of people before him caught his attention. Was it who he thought it was? Was it actually his teacher, Mr. Russo, walking so confident? Taylor forgot all about the place they were in or his clothes. All he was concentrating on was the fact that his teacher's dream was to climb mountains. Why had he never mentioned it to the class? Did he recognize Taylor?
A noise disturbed his thoughts. It sounded like someone was hiding in the bushes nearby. Only Taylor and the old man seemed to have heard it. The other people were too busy enjoying the wonderful view. Taylor approached the bush with a bit of fear although his instinct told him not to worry.

He saw a weird creature. It was a small, yellow and red beaver. The beaver had a small, flat nose and tiny feet and hands. It also had a big, creepy smile on its face. Taylor was delighted to see such a creature, but the old man was rather unhappy. In fact, he looked discussed.
Taylor didn’t consider the old man’s attitude was very normal. Now that he thought of it, he didn’t know much about the old man. He didn’t know what his name was, where he was from, if he had family members, how old he was, etc. Taylor felt that asking the old man all of those questions was useless. He knew the old man would make some kind of excuse, so he didn’t waste time.
The beaver stepped toward the old man, but now lacking the big smile he had. The old man's face didn't show any kind of feeling or emotion either:
"Long time no seen, Blashfurr."-said the beaver.
"I have no idea of what you are talking about, animal."-the old man replied.
A million things came into Taylor's mind. What if the beaver and the old man were old enemies? What if they were fighting together in a kind of war? What if the old man betrayed the beaver some way? Who knows what had happened between those two.
Taylor thought that they were enemies and the old man wanted to keep quite because he doesn't want any of the funny dressed people - which were now aware of the situation - to back out. Then something came to his mind: Taylor would recommend taking the beaver with them to Mount Everest so that he could keep an eye on both the old man and the beaver.
"How about this unfortunate little creature comes with us; we could give him food. He could stay with me. What is your name?" - said Taylor leaning toward the beaver.
"I am called Shukklethofpiszco." - answered the beaver.
"OK...That's an interesting name." - said Taylor a bit stunned. – “Would you like to come with us mountain-climbing?”
“Hmm… I couldn’t refuse such a generous offer. Yes, I’ll come.” – He said looking straight at the old man which had an unexplainable expression on his face.
So, they started walking again. Taylor asked the beaver if he was hungry. He said no. By the time everyone arrived at the mountain, Taylor and the beaver were friends. The rest of the trip took a couple of hours. When they got to the rim of the mountain, they were all tired. Then, the man walked a few meters away, to a place where no one could see him.
After three-four minutes, he told them all to go to him. When they got there, they saw about five tents. The old man told them that they will rest there for some time and there will be two people staying in each tent. If they would enter the tent, they would see that it was fully supplied with food, drinks and a cushion for them to sleep on.
Taylor paired with Mr. Russo and not with the beaver because the old man said "No animals aloud in the tents!" with an evil smirk on his face. However, the beaver made a pretty good tent on his own, with twice as many things as everyone else's. Taylor couldn't explain that.
It seems that Mr. Russo only recognized Taylor when he went inside the tent. He looked terrified. He didn't think that he would see anyone he knew in the bunch of mountain climbers. Taylor thought he was ashamed, so he smiled as if he was to say "Don't worry; your secret is safe with me." That calmed Mr. Russo down a little.
By dawn, everyone had their stomachs full and they were asleep, except for Taylor. He couldn't get the old man off his mind. The old man looked very suspicious to him.
A noise disturbed his thoughts again. He could hear some people whispering outside, but he couldn't hear what they were saying, so he went to the rear of the tent. It sounded like the old man and the beaver talking:
"I see no reason for you to be here Shukklethofpiszco. Why do you keep following me? I thought the elder ones let me lose."- Taylor heard the old man say.
"They told me to keep an eye on you. Just because you were proved innocent doesn't mean that you're cut off loose. Plus, I still do not trust you."-replied the beaver.
"But they said..."
"I know what they said, but they decided that you aren't trustful enough to do whatever you please. If you do what I expect you to do, there will be no excuse: you will get your punishment and you will be banished for life in the Black Dungeon.”
"Huh!"-ended the old man pride fully and walked away with his head held high. Taylor had a feeling he wasn't as sure of himself as he seemed to be.
All that conversation still left some blanks in Taylor's head. What did the old man do? Who are "the elder ones"? Who really is "Shukklethofpiszco"? Where do the old man and the beaver come from? Taylor sighed and went back to sleep.
The next morning, everyone woke up by the crack of dawn. The old man lined them up and counted them. Then they started climbing the high mountain, or shall I say the highest mountain.
Their climbing gear was very secure and easy to use. They did a few kilometers in no time. Taylor was very excited and he forgot all about Shukklethofpiszco and the old man. He was making his dream come true and he wasn't going to let anyone ruin it. He didn't even know how to use the climbing gear, but the old man taught them all how to before they started climbing.
After a few more kilometers up, someone slipped on a rock and was about to fall! He was holding on a thin rope that was going to brake sooner or later. The man on the rope was horribly terrified. He didn't know what to do. Then, the old man climbed to him and put another thicker rope around his waist. The man was safe now and he started climbing again. Taylor was scared something like that would happen to him, so he doubled the safety and watched where he put his feet.
It started to get very cold. Taylor couldn't feel most of the parts in his body, but he didn't let that stop him. Suddenly, strong wind blew from the top of the mountain and almost made the climbers fall. Then another blew from in the side and one climber fell. Taylor froze. He didn't think the trip would go to the point where someone would get hurt. He regretted coming with the old man. How could he be so foolish? He went with a complete stranger and got himself into trouble. He felt bad for his mother, too. Why did he lie to her?
The old man didn't know what to do. He was afraid of what the other climbers would do so he just kept climbing. The climbers did too. When they did, wind blew from every side. It was like the mountain didn't want them to keep climbing. Everyone didn't have much strength left, but they kept going.
After a few seconds, an invisible force dragged them all down to a dark and daunting cave. Taylor was surprised he didn't see it before. When they were all in the cave, the force stopped. Then, the climbers heard a deep voice from the walls of the cave saying:
"What is the reason intruders have trespassed?"- It said with an irritating tone.
"We wish to climb to the top of the mountain."- Said the old man, confident in his response.
"And who gave you that authority? No one before you has ever climbed this mountain and no one after you will, either. Even those absurd fools who say they have are lying. The top of this mountain will never be seen as long as I'm still here!"-Said even more angrily the voice.
"But..."-started the old man.
"No but-s. Here, my word is the law!"-Interrupted the voice.
"Mr. Voice, climbing this mountain is my biggest dream. I've waited days and come about several risks to fulfill it. Please, let us keep going."-Pleaded Taylor with courage.
"Well...Maybe...No, I can't let you do that. I'm sorry."-Said the voice doubtfully.
"Oh, please! Pretty please! Pretty please with a cherry on top!"-Insisted Taylor
It sounded like the voice was thinking.-"Humph...OK...Fine...But don't tell anyone though!"-It accepted.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you a million times!"-said Taylor.
His joy was enormous. Even the old man looked impressed. Everyone ran out of the cave and started climbing again, but this time with more delight. Now, everyone looked at Taylor with worthiness’.
The climbers were close to the top. Taylor was very excited. His dream was coming true! Just two more yard...he did it!!! He finally climbed to the top of Mount Everest! Taylor took a blue flag out of his backpack and shove it into the frosty ground. As soon as he did the clouds started to blacken. A thunderstorm was occurring. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the flag that was just placed. The blue flag turned into ashes. Then, the sky started spinning quicker and quicker. While everyone was looking up, they abruptly fell down unconscious. Now there were about twenty people lying on the frosted top of Mount. Everest…
Taylor was the first to waken in the dark location. The old man awoke after him. They tried to look around, but it was no use. There wasn't a bit of sunlight in there and there might have never been. Taylor remembered he had a flashlight in his backpack. He took it out and opened it. Finally, they could see their surroundings. They were on the top of a slanted rock. Beneath the rock there was a river of lava flowing. Unfortunately, Taylor's flashlight was running out of battery. Before it expired, they were able to see a cave in the wall before them.
Suddenly, they heard a voice. Several voices actually. It appeared that there was arguing somewhere above them. That was weird because they didn't see anything above them when the flashlight was working. Taylor was about to yell out to whoever or whatever was up there, but the old man stopped him. He seemed nervous and jumpy. Taylor had never seen him like that. He started pacing from one side of the rock to another, trying to find somewhere to escape. Taylor was wondering what was in his head at those moments.
The voices stopped and so did the old man. Cold sweat was coming down his spine. Now only one voice started talking, and this time with the old man:
"We warned you Blashfurr. We warned you and yet you keep on doing what your mind tells you to. You know what the consequences are. Now, go into the cave in front of you. Take a good look at the place around you because that cave is the only thing you will see in a long, long time."
The old man started walking toward the cave unwillingly. It was like his legs wouldn't listen to his mind. He looked like he knew what was in back of that big wall of rock. "Blashfurr" walked into the cave and darkness covered him. That was the last time Taylor thought he would ever hear of the old man.
The voices started arguing again. Taylor could hear the words "climbers" and "where" repeated constantly. He knew he should've said something, so he threw away his cowardice and started talking:
"Umm... Excuse me! My name is Taylor. I'm afraid of the dark and my mom might be really worried. We are all cold and hungry and we have no idea who that old man was. Can anyone help us get back home?"
More arguing. Taylor hoped with all his heart to go back home. All of that was too much for him...
"Well, than. This should be a good lesson for all of you. Never trust people you don't know, no matter how convincing they would be. You won't get a second chance. We have decided to help you get back home. Now, everyone close their eyes. Reopen them in about 10 seconds."
Happily, Taylor and the awakened climbers closed their eyes rapidly and did what the Voice said. Then, the expected happened. Their lovely and peaceful neighborhood was lying before them and they were wondering why on earth they ever wanted to leave it. Everyone returned to their houses and relaxed. Taylor's mom was more than relieved to see her son again. She had gone crazy looking for him!
Taylor's dream to become a mountain climber has now faded away. Henceforth, he wants to be a teacher. And so, after all his parent's struggles he finally gave into their wish. Later on, about 20 years from now, he'll know he had made the right choice…
Author: Elda Joanna Pere

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