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Parents Are Often Right
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Tema: Parents Are Often Right
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Parents Are Often Right
Parents can often be right. However, as a child, I was positive that the opposite was true. My parents felt that playing an instrument was crucial in “rounding out” my personality. I was unconvinced.
After a hectic week of academic activities, my piano class seemed an inescapable torture. My instructor, uptight and overbearing, sat in my house waiting for me. At 5 pm sharp, the battle began.
The signs of a piano student ready to give up emerged. I begged my mom to tell the piano teacher that I was not interested in music. With her tender smile, she said, “I know you can tell him yourself.” I could not, of course, and instead, I began practicing the arpeggios until I completed my first piece. Little by little the rhythms and melodies were everywhere in my house. I realized that my piano teacher not only loved giving music lessons, but also infusing discipline.
As I progressed, playing the piano transcended mechanical practicing. One day, when my friend invited me to her house, I noticed her grandmother sitting isolated in a corner of the room. She seemed infinitely sad and tired. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a derelict piano. As I began to play one of my favorite songs, my friend’s grandmother stood up and began dancing. Her tired body was filled with joy as she clapped to the beat of the music. Suddenly, I understood that playing the piano was not just about achieving a perfect technique; it was also a matter of connecting with others.
Today, I recognize how fortunate I am to have a musical background. I have not stopped playing the piano and I will not; sometimes I forget how the pieces go, but I never forget the emotions attached to them

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